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Pursuant to Section 287(a) of Title 35 of the United States Code (35 U.S.C. §287)and any other like requirements in other jurisdictions, notice is hereby given of the rights of Healthier Choices Management Corp. and/or its affiliates (collectively “HCMC”) in the issued patents, pending patent applications, and international and foreign counterparts whether as the owner or licensee thereof (“Patent Assets” as may be used herein in either the singular or plural), as listed on this page and associated with the following products:



Patent Assets licensed by HCMC

Patent No.        Title
US 7,832,410   Electronic atomization cigarette
US 8,156,944   Aerosol electronic cigarette
US 8,365,742   Aerosol electronic cigarette
US 8,375,957   Electronic cigarette
US 8,393,331   Electronic atomization cigarette
US 8,490,628   Electronic atomization cigarette
US 8,511,318   Electronic cigarette
US 8,689,805   Electronic cigarette
US 8,863,752   Electronic cigarette
US 8,893,726   Electronic cigarette
US 8,899,239   Electronic cigarette
US 8,910,641   Electronic cigarette
US 9,320,300   Electronic cigarette
US 9,326,548   Electronic cigarette
US 9,326,549   Electronic cigarette
US 9,326,550   Electronic cigarette
US 9,326,551   Electronic cigarette
US 9,339,062   Electronic cigarette
US 9,364,027   Electronic cigarette
US 9,370,205   Electronic cigarette
US 9,456,632   Electronic cigarette
US 9,713,346   Electronic cigarette
US 9,717,278   Electronic cigarette
US 9,717,279   Electronic cigarette
US 9,808,033   Electronic cigarette
US 9,808,034   Electronic cigarette

e-liquid based electronic cigarettes (including disposable, rechargeable, non-refillable, and re-fillable electronic cigarettes), all cartridges, all cartomizers, all electronic cigarette batteries and battery assemblies, all electronic cigarette coils or atomizers, all chargers for electronic cigarettes, and any e-liquid sold in electronic cigarette kits


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